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Salesforce Roadmap To Your Future


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Salesforce now offers a wide range of capabilities ready to be unleashed in your organisation. In addition to adding new new applications, Salesforce releases also bring enhancements to existing applications. And then there are thousands of 3rd party extensions available in the AppExchange Marketplace.

Faced with so many options, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Many Product Owners feel hesitant to consider new opportunities in case it sets new stakeholder expectations or an idea turns out to be unviable. For Salesforce Administrators, it can be very time-consuming to investigate new concepts and try these out safely in a sandbox. This is where an experienced Salesforce Consulting Partner such as Nubis Global can find shortcuts through the many options you have.  

Salesforce A-Z is an interactive workshop for Product Managers to construct a Salesforce roadmap by identifying relevant capabilities, assessing cost-benefits and chosing the optimum capability mix with buy-in from key stakeholders. Having a clear roadmap is essential to deliver the capabilities needed for the business to prosper and grow. Let us help you define, review or re-shape your Salesforce Roadmap to ensure you are getting the most from your Salesforce platform.


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